【Joey的口语课堂】PART2 口语话题讲解

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PART2 口语话题讲解



Describe TV series/ drama you like

You should say:

What type it is

Who is the leading role

What are the plots

And explain why you like it.



So, lets have the brainstorming first.


A brief intro(介绍) about this TV series(type, arrangement etc.);

The major characters;

The content of the whole story;

The meaning it conveys

除了有思路,另外我们则需要了解与电视相关的一些词汇,(BTW, 建立一个词汇库是成功路上不可或缺的部分,非常重要。)

TV series/ TV dramas 电视剧

Sitcom 喜剧/ modern opera 现代剧/ costume piece 古装剧

Character 人物

Episode 一集

Season 一季

Plot 情节

Climax 高潮,巅峰




Im going to talk about a sitcom which is named The Big Bang Theory. Altogether there are 11 seasons and each one contains about 24episodes. Coz it is a kind of sitcom, the length of one episode is about 20 minutes.

Main content&character:

The two main characters of this sitcom are Leonard and Sheldon. Both of them are physicists and they share an apartment. They both have high IQ, but only Leonard has no problem communicating with the average. And Sheldon whose IQ is even higher really lacks social skills and he often finds it hard to interact with the ordinary people.

And there is a girl named Penny who lives next door. She always dreams of becoming an actress but actually she is just a waitress. Leonard has a crush on her, but obviously, they are quite different. So penny starts to show these two intelligent boys what is the real life.


I have great interest in this sitcom cos it is really hilarious. Every time I watch it, I will definitely keep laughing non-stop. And sometimes you just find the conversations are very funny and meanwhile humorous. And I think their friendship is super worth respecting. Id like to anyone who wants to watch TV series.





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